Dordogne wedding photography

Emily & Sylvain’s Chateau D’Urval wedding

“We’re absolutely thrilled! I don’t know how you were able to capture so many special moments, many of which I hadn’t seen on the day. Thank you! I told Sylvain I’d wait for him to get home from work today to look at the rest, but it’s really hard! I feel like a little kid wanting to peek at the presents under the Christmas tree!”

Every summer for the last three years I’ve shot weddings at Chateau de la Bourlie in the Dordogne and I can safely say that each one has been completely different. I look forward to returning to see how I can approach each wedding differently looking for new ways of shooting in the same location. Emily and Sylvain’s wedding was different in that it was my first wedding where both families were French so some of the traditions were a little different from what I’m used to. Apart from taking care of the legalities in la marie before the church service, the main difference seems to be that the dancing at French weddings goes on to the small hours of the morning with apparently as much as energy as when the day began. I’ll be returning to Chateau de la Bourlie again this year and can’t wait to photograph a new gathering of friends and family.

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