London Wedding photographer

I’m a wedding photographer based in Greenwich and for the last twelve years I’ve been covering weddings all over the UK as well as the far flung corners of the globe. In that time I’ve shot countless weddings throughout UK, France, Italy and New Zealand and have a passion for travelling for my work. Wedding photography has taken me on a journey which I love, literally and figuratively, and thrown so many scenarios at me that have made me the photographer I am today. I’ve shot in storms, torrential downpours as well as baking midday sun and apart from needing the occasional change of shirt, have enjoyed every moment of it. Just when you think you’ve got it covered, a new challenge pops up and no two weddings are the same, so I never assume I’ve seen it all! Take a look through my blog for the many local weddings I've shot as well as wedding all over Europe, especially France and Italy. 


My photography is about telling stories. The stories between the people, places and details of the day. Documentary wedding photography is about capturing moments in a way that creates timeless and precious memories that happen naturally, without direction or intervention from the photographer. I’m at my happiest when my pictures reflect the story of the day naturally and honestly. You can read more about my approach here and take a look at how I cover weddings on my blog.

I shoot weddings in a creative, documentary style creating a narrative from the events that unfold around me. I photograph the small details as well as the big moments, all in the same unfussy and approachable way. I won’t get in the way or tell you what to do. Whether you’re having a UK wedding or are getting married anywhere on the planet, I’d love to hear from you.


I've shot in just about every type of venue imagineable. From traditional churches to industrial wharehouses, I've been lucky enough to shoot in so many different environments and I'm equally comfortable in an urban venue as a chateau in France. I shoot in a natural, documentary style, capturing moments as they happen in front of me. No posing, no set ups, just genuine moments that become memories to last a life time. 

My work has appeared on many popular wedding blogs including Love my Dress and Rock My Wedding as well as printed magazines such as Brides and Professional Photographer. I’m a member of prestigious associations such as the Wedding Photojournalists Association and 20Collective and and my work has won awards from Fearless Photographers and I also teach bespoke one-on-one workshops to wedding photographers who are looking to improve in specific areas.

London wedding Photographer, Europe and beyond

Take a look around my website to get an idea of my style and the kind of pictures that I love to take. Although I started out in London, my journey has taken me all over the world and over the past 12 years my style has evolved to what you can see here today. What hasn't changed is my belief in what is important to cover on a wedding day and the desire to create powerful memories of important family occasions.

You'll find a very representative selection of the style of pictures you'd receive by looking through my blog which are my selected highlights from weddings I've shot throughout UK and the world. I also really encourage couples to look through entire wedding galleries so you know exactly what you're gettting, so if you think I'm the photographer for you, drop me a line with the details of your wedding and I'll send you links to similar weddings. 

Here's some quick links to weddings I've shot in some of the capital's finest venues: Syon Park, Trafalgar Tavern, Wilton's Music Hall, One Friendly PlaceThe Asylum, Trinity Buoy Wharf, Islington Town Hall and Town Hall Hotel Bethnal Green.

Every year I'm lucky enough to shoot several weddings in France and have become very fond of the South West in particular. As a France wedding photographer I've shot at many chateaus and boutique venues in the Dordogne and surrounding areas, so if you're having a wedding in France take a look this section of my website, dedicated to all things French weddings