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Hannah + Steve

Thanks to Kat at Rock n Roll Bride for featuring this wedding!

It’s not often that there’s a giraffe, a stretched Ferrari, flyer saucers, face painting and glow sticks in my wedding photographs, but this one had them all! Hannah and Steve were married at St James’ Church in Kidbrooke and had their reception at the Greenwich Yacht Club on a very cool, industrial stretch of the Thames.

Hannah and Steve’s love of music was the inspiration for their reception and it was one big party from start to finish. The viynl place settings were a cool touch and typified their attention to detail. A mention should also go to the Forgers, an indie, rock covers band who were one of the best wedding bands I’ve seen.

Hannah & Steve are an awesome couple who know how to throw a party. Thanks for the glow stick!

DSC 2723 Hannah + Steve0013 Hannah + Steve0023 Hannah + Steve0035 Hannah + Steve0044 Hannah + Steve0053 Hannah + Steve0063 Hannah + Steve0075 Hannah + Steve0083 Hannah + Steve0093 Hannah + Steve0103 Hannah + Steve0113 Hannah + Steve0123 Hannah + Steve0135 Hannah + Steve0143 Hannah + Steve0153 Hannah + Steve0163 Hannah + Steve0175 Hannah + Steve0183 Hannah + Steve0193 Hannah + Steve0203 Hannah + Steve0213 Hannah + Steve0225 Hannah + Steve0233 Hannah + Steve0244 Hannah + Steve0254 Hannah + Steve0263 Hannah + Steve0273 Hannah + Steve0285 Hannah + Steve0294 Hannah + Steve0303 Hannah + Steve0315 Hannah + Steve0323 Hannah + Steve0333 Hannah + Steve0343 Hannah + Steve0353 Hannah + Steve0363 Hannah + Steve0373 Hannah + Steve0383 Hannah + Steve0393 Hannah + Steve0403 Hannah + Steve0413 Hannah + Steve0423 Hannah + Steve0433 Hannah + Steve0443 Hannah + Steve0453 Hannah + Steve0463 Hannah + Steve0473 Hannah + Steve0483 Hannah + Steve0493 Hannah + Steve0503 Hannah + Steve0512 Hannah + Steve0522 Hannah + Steve0532 Hannah + Steve0542 Hannah + Steve055 Hannah + Steve056 Hannah + Steve0571 Hannah + Steve058 Hannah + Steve059 Hannah + Steve060 Hannah + Steve061 Hannah + Steve062 Hannah + Steve063 Hannah + Steve0642 Hannah + Steve065 Hannah + Steve066 Hannah + Steve067 Hannah + Steve0681 Hannah + Steve0692 Hannah + Steve070 Hannah + Steve071 Hannah + Steve0721 Hannah + Steve0731 Hannah + Steve074 Hannah + Steve075 Hannah + Steve076 Hannah + Steve0771 Hannah + Steve078 Hannah + Steve079 Hannah + Steve080 Hannah + Steve0812 Hannah + Steve082 Hannah + Steve0831 Hannah + Steve0841 Hannah + Steve0852 Hannah + Steve086 Hannah + Steve087 Hannah + Steve088 Hannah + Steve089 Hannah + Steve0901 Hannah + Steve091 Hannah + Steve092 Hannah + Steve093 Hannah + Steve094 Hannah + Steve095 Hannah + Steve096 Hannah + Steve
London wedding photographer

Alex Grant - Ridiculously good Rik, the portraits against the fence worked so well!

sarah gawler - What a cool wedding with a very beautiful couple – Great work Rik!

Truly Photography, London - Beautiful collection. Love the shot of the bride throwing the bouquet!

David - Fabulous work. Unique images with real character.

Sean Callahan - Very unique angles, great color and contrast. Your images are a real inspiration.

Penny- Tino&Pip Photography - Wow, you captured the fun and vibrancy of this wedding beautifully! Stunning!(Think that car might be the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen)!

Brian Terry - Very nice Rik…BT

Dallas Wedding Photographer - Your work is truly inspiring. Great job in capturing this day with such an artistic vision.

Sam Docker - Some of the best wedding images I’ve seen Rik, truly astounding work!

Kristian Leven - This was a stunning wedding Rik – quality pictures, right up there